City to Surf 2011 William St, Darlinghurst,

City to Surf 2011 William St, Darlinghurst,


Location: William St, Darlinghurst, NSW 2010, Australia Date/Time: (14 Aug 2011) 2011-08-14 08:00 Duration: 6 hours Status: Created

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About the city to surf

The Sun-Herald City2Surf is the world's largest running race and Sydney's favourite sporting event. Held on the second Sunday in August, each year more than 75,000 registered participants raise over $2 million for charity.

Phone: 02 9282 2833
Toll free: 1800 555 514

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I am only an intermediate runner, but here are some important tips that i have learned from some pro's

  • Drink water the day before and lots of it, then dry food on the morning..
  • The last hill which is a big decline, don't run too hard down the last hill, its called "heart break hill, And its called that for a reason... So run at a soft pace because you will ned it for the incline when you reach the bottom.
  • To calm you down while running breathe in your nose and out through your mouth.
  • I find that while running its best to curl up your hands and move them in a circular motion, rather than just back and forward, like a steam train, it will give you better momentum.
  • If you get a stitch, then run it out!

If you are looking for someone to run with then signup then come back to this page and you will see a Request to join button.

Online entries are now open. Registering online is the easiest and cheapest way to enter the race and it only takes a few minutes. Begin by completing the form below. Payment online is by credit card only so alternatively you can enter via a manual entry form and send it in by post (please note: registering using a manual entry form will cost $5 extra). Entry fees are listed below. Prices are inclusive of GST. Please note: Registrations of children under 5 must accompany an adult registration. Please ensure the adult registration is entered first. June 1 – June 27 June 28 – until race capacity Online registration Adult $40 Adult $50 Child $ 28 Child $35 Postage of chest bib and timing chip available for $3

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