To Sportkin's Valued Members and returning visitors of Sportkin Website:

The Olympic Rings have been removed from the Sportkin website.

    1. Sportkin initially contacted the AOC regarding the use of the Olympic Rings on the website Sportkin had been developing.
    2. The AOC referred Sportkin to the International Olympic committee IOC.
    3. Sportkin contacted the IOC via telephone and email, regarding the use of the Olympic Rings.
    4. Sportkin received an email advising the request had been approved.
      "After reviewing your request, please note that the IOC does consent to the use of the Olympic rings on your website"
    5. Sportkin utilized the Olympic Rings in the website from the date of it's official launch in Febuary 2008.
    6. Sportkin received an email from the IOC advising the first email Sportkin had received, approving the use of the Olympic Rings, was in error, the result of a typographical error.
      "Sorry but when having reviewed my e-mail below, I noticed that a mistake was done when typing the reply. In fact, the word "not" is missing.. And you should read that the IOC does not consent to your use of the Olympic rings on Sportkin website."
    7. Sportkin requested the IOC confirm the email message with a letter indicating that Sportkin had acted appropriately in the request, and that including the Olympic Rings on the website was on the basis of the IOC written consent from the committee.

This letter is to demonstrate to all parties that Sportkin had acted in an appropriate manner, seeking permission to use the Olympic Rings, and Sportkin was advised the request was approved. Sportkin did not want to see the website tarnished by an inference that Sportkin acted in an inappropriate fashion.

Sportkin would like to take this opportunity to thank the members for their continued support especially regarding this matter.

Best Regards,

Team Sportkin.