We are about true fellowship and a sense of personal well-being through sport

What is Sportkin?

Sportkin is a site for sports enthusiasts of all ages and at all levels of competence wherever they live. It provides tools for individuals and groups to manage their sporting involvement and in the process build networks and sporting organizations. It eases the task of finding and relating to like-minded people whether they be in your neighborhood or across the world.

"Sport contributes to a more disciplined attitude."

A Role & Place for Everyone

Whether for one sport or many Sportkin provides scope for users to enhance and broaden their sporting experience and improve and refine their level of prowess. Participation is ALL and through the site opportunities will be found for everyone to become involved. Indeed any one individual may spark a whole level of new activity right in his/her own backyard as it were. What satisfaction there is in being the instigator of a new or expanded sporting regime.

More about Sportkin

Why Participate?

The benefits of appropriate sports participation are very seldomly disputed whatever one’s age. Well-being and general quality of life are enhanced through sporting activity.

Social contact and interaction are part and parcel of the overall sporting experience and a sense of self-worth results. When everyone within a local community becomes involved in regular physical activity, we all benefit.

When everyone becomes involved, we all benefit.



What better way to connect individuals, groups and communities than through sport? Sportkin provides the tools to make this a reality. Sportkin is the vehicle and “self-help” the fuel to drive it forward and bring sporting enthusiasts together into like-minded communities at local level. Existing clubs and groups can use the site to better manage and extend the scope of their reach to bring in new participants. Newcomers can get a start in their own area in the sport that interests them. Individuals can be the instigators of new activity where previously none existed. The site ought not to interfere with strategies that are already in place within an organization, club or group, rather it is a complimentary tool designed to make the job easier and to expand opportunity for growth.

On To Sport

Whatever your age, regular physical activity ought to be part of your lifestyle. The benefits will serve you well boost the quality of your life by:

  • Greater confidence and self-awareness
  • Improved health, fitness and overall well-being
  • Greater social contact and interaction
  • Less isolation and loneliness
  • Increased ability to deal with stress
  • Greater sense of relaxation and well-being
  • Reduced symptoms of anxiety and depression
  • Improved self-esteem and self-image