The Rule Book

Commitment to Ethical Sporting Behavior

Sportkin aims to bring together individuals and sporting communities in a spirit of true sportsmanship and enjoyment. By joining the Sportkin website individuals and groups acknowledge and accept the terms set out herein and commit to ethical sporting and social behavior of highest standards.

1.Sportkin strongly recommends that members should not interact with other members unless they know such persons through a friend or contact. In the event that individuals choose to meet others outside their own social circle it is at their own risk. We urge that at any meetings arranged between parties should be with an accompanying friend, parent or guardian. Persons under seventeen (17) years of age must comply with this requirement.

2. Sportkin is about unconditional caring and respect for other Sportkin members. Abuse, threats or behavior that distresses or intimidates other members will not be tolerated either on the field of play or off.

3. Actions that may physically or morally injure another party are specifically forbidden by Sportkin participants

4.If a member attends at a sporting location that has been added by another member it must be kept clean, litter free and undamaged.

5. in spite of best efforts it may happen, for reasons beyond immediate control, that invalid information or abnormal activity is observed on the website. Members are required to report such instances immediately so that our high ethical standard can be maintained and the enjoyment of members protected.

6. Sportkin counsels individuals to take usual and sensible precautionary measures before participating in sporting activities. Warming-up exercises will enhance performance and guard against unexpected injury.

7. Remember that winning is not all. The spirit of the game and the act of participating is where sporting rewards lie for the majority of participants. Play to win, but above all, play for the love of the sport and the camaraderie that is part of it.

8. Feel free to contact us if you have any concerns with our ethical guidelines and by all means offer appropriate comment for additions or amendments.

Reason for Existence (Raison d´etre)

Multicultural  Sportkins philosophy is one of total inclusion. The sporting field is one where all participants are as one in their individual endeavours. Where we are now and where we are going are paramount  where we are from is inconsequential. Respect for self, fellow team members and opponents is what sport engenders in players.

Health  Surely there is no better reason for playing sport than building a healthy body and mind  the sense of well-being that comes with sporting effort achievement is universally accepted.

Community  What better way to develop relationships with like-minded people than through sport  even more so when trying to establish oneself in a new neighborhood or environment.
Reaching Out  Sportkin has an ambition to become global. To do this we will provide multiple connectivity features including multi-lingual support. Members travelling internationally will have a vehicle to secure immediate one-on-one communication with overseas counterparts.

Why bother?  Whatever ones age the benefits of appropriate sports participation are seldom disputed. Well-being and general quality of life are enhanced through sporting activity. Social contact and interaction are part and parcel of sporting activity and of a sense of self-worth, no matter the age of the sports person. Stress, anxiety and depression surely are alleviated if one has the ongoing opportunity to test skills and interact with others.