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Can I create a team profile ?

You can, however currently only clubs who are using Sportkin Skool service are able to create official team profiles. If you your club isn't yet using Sportkin Skool service, then in the mean time, you can just connect with your team, and assign your team captain to create the training activities using Sportkin Location Don't forget to buy him or her a drink for the effort Wink

Step 1.

Find your sporting location. If its not listed, then you can add it in just a few simple steps.

Step 2.

Click on "Add activity", select (training) as the type, then toggle the privacy settings to "invited" members to join and view the activity if you want to keep it simple.

Step 3.

Invite selected team players, and thats done!

Step 4.

Creating your next activity can be done in Just 3 clicks of a mouse button, using the "copy/edit" button and providing it's at the same location as before.



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