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Whats the difference between Sportkin and Facebook?

Facebook is Great, and it has all the features, gadgets and applets that one could ever need the social media.
Sportkin was designed to provide an alternative for individuals other than just a social media platform. Its foundation is based on geographical type platform and therefore the fundamentals produce a different outcome "Everyone assemble for more sport".

Sportkin is community engine for sport, and brings the same benefits which sport brings to society, such as: greater confidence and self-awareness, better health, fitness and overall well-being; greater social contact and interaction. Physical activity develops motor social skills, intellectual capacities and concepts, and creativity.

Sportkin wasn't designed to bring spectators down on to the play field, it was engineered to help bring together and encourage individuals, groups and families to get out there and have some fun, or find a serious challenge, or even help someone discover their full potential survey can get sponsored. Sportkin is for sport. We like to see Sportkin as the Facebook for sport.

Because Sportkin and Facebook go well in hand we have created a (limited) player search application for facebook to help you find players in your area wherever you may be.

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