Sportkin General

What is Sportkin? And what can it do?

The Sportkin matrix brings together active individuals through sport. Sportkin enables sports activity collaboration through a geographical based platform designed to help its members assemble for more sport, hence increasing not only the lifespan of individuals, and help drive steering towards a more en-riched, healthier lifestyle and a better overall well-being for the individuals and the people around them.

In a nut shell, the Sportkin matrix its members to find Other athletes and sports minded people, sports and recreational locations, activities, events, competitions and fixtures.  

  • Sports Player Search; Search and find Team Players or be found for more sport. Accumulate Sports Contacts. Sportkin is for people from all walks of life and sporting abilities.
  • Sportkin Locator/Sports directory allows visitors to search for sports clubs, ovals, pools, beaches & even cool surf spots... Get an insight to location facilities. Members can can Zoom in  and  add or claim their sporting location quickly & accurately using reverse geocode indexing, which pinpoints and estimates the location's address for you. 
  • Sportkin Skool Service - Sports draw management web application was designed to help you sport on through the hectic process of creating sports and recreational competitions and events at an organisational level.  Skool features help  manage player registrations and renewals,  to fixtures and even the scoreboard. Skool service is designed to manage sporting competitions for: Clubs; Schools; Organisations; Associations. to know more about Sportkin "skool" service please make contact



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