Happy to reserve Bomaderry; Miranda, NSW, Australia Christopher - Sport(s): Cycling, Surfing, Running, Tennis, Snow Skiing, Swimming, Water skiing, Angling, Spearfishing


For as long as one lives, one learns.

Sporting insight

Skill level: Intermediate
Frequency: About twice a month
Preferences: * Prefers to play this sport with the same gender
* Prefers similar sporting levels

Average speed of around 27km/h - Top speed (down-hill @ 83 KM/ph)




Please ask me the specifics during our conversation.
How I like to spend my free time:
R&D - Gardening - Web

Childhood inspiration:
Mr Squiggle. Could always make something from nothing.

Retrospectively, what three things are you most thankful for?
So many positive memories in my life
My developed sense of curiosity, it's taken me to some great places and with good experiences
Last but not least ,my family. They Drive me nuts, but they are behind my will to be always relentless
Lets talk about Anything positive.
First and fore most, I'm seeking a partner in life who is sensitive towards the feelings of others.

Please describe two to three of your favourite leisure time activities.
Sport, code, discovery